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the real daae

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March 2nd, 2025

09:09 pm - Mostly Friends Only

Hello! Want to friend me? Go ahead. If you particularly want me to notice that you've friended me, feel free to comment. If we've interacted via friends or communities and seem to have things in common, I'll most likely add you back (especially if you're a feminist lefty with an interest in psychology and mental health issues).

What you'll find here: me rambling on endlessly about whatever's on my mind. Mostly emotional processing, with quite a lot of ranting. Also sometimes fandom stuff, ranting about politics, feminist issues, and things I read in the real world or out on the web (less so now I've stopped reading the papers for the sake of my mental health). Sometimes it's thoughtful ponderings, depressed moochings, or random life shit. I swear a lot. Occassionally I talk about wicked things like drugs. I cannot stomach corporate capitalism. I think we should all go and live in a nice anarchistic hippy utopia... I think that's enough for now.

Want icons? See masquerade_arts

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November 28th, 2007

01:36 am - The Wesley of the Opera
The Wesley of the Opera, by Christine D Clemens

aka the Phantom of the Library: a graphic novelCollapse )

This has been an I Have Insomnia production.

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